3 rules of air drying your hair to avoid frizz

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Perfecting the wash-and-dry technique is the key to a low-maintenance routine for any hair type.

Any girl loves and adores her hair more than anything. When your hair turns frizzy and you blow-dry them, it is just a matter of time before they loosen up from your desired texture.

Thinking of taking a break from all the conventional methods? Here are some tips that can help you take good care of your hair.

1. Post-shower care

The things you do immediately after washing your hair plays a vital role in their fizziness. So, it’s advisable to end your hair wash with cold water before you step out of the shower. Not suggesting to take a complete shower but before stepping out, pour cold water for a few seconds on your hair. Also, detangling your hair using a wide-tooth comb makes it easier to dry off. Rubbing your hair with a towel will end up making your hair frizzy. Make sure you are using a cotton cloth, pillow cover, or a micro-fiber cloth instead, as these are softer and won’t be harsh on your delicate hair.

2. Using products which suit your hair is a must, irrespective of your hair texture

Oiling your hair is never out of fashion whether it’s for nourishment or to maintain their original look.

1) In order to maintain the texture and volume of your straight hair, applying volumizing mousse is a must. Sea salt or texturizing spray will give you the texture. At times when your hair feels greasy (oily), try using dry shampoo which will soak excess oil and eventually add volume and bounce to your hair.

2) For wavy locks, you can minimize the frizz with hydration. Using a leave-in conditioner for hydration before scrunching is a good thing to do. And, to cut down on frizz, use oil-serum.

3) Curly hair is a bit harder to maintain but with knowing your curl pattern, it can be achieved. Curly hair needs moisture so always use curl cream without fail.

3. Adding texture the natural way

Too much heat can damage your hair. So, if you’ve used too much of those curlers and tongs, it’s the right time to switch to braids. Braids are there to save your day. Making braids when your hair is damp or simply making a bun results in natural waves. There are some products that can be used to create the desired texture but make sure you are not using it in excess quantity.

The best way to maintain long hair is by applying mousse on wet hair before braiding. In order to add texture, just twist them up and let it air dry. Using some dry shampoo on the roots can be used for that added lift/bounce.

For short hair, I recommend using hairpins as it gives your hair a variation, like finger waves or pin curls. On towel-dried hair, apply styling mousse and twist the hair or pin it the way you want. Once dried use gel or hairspray.

So, these were some simple but useful tips that can help you maintain the texture of your hair and avoid fizziness. Also, it’s not about doing it once or twice, but on a regular basis to see desired results.

Flaunt your hair ladies!

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