5 Best Eye Makeup Removers That’ll Wipe Off The Most Budge-Proof Makeup

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With a very heavy heart, it’s time to bid our favorite lipsticks goodbye!

With this ongoing pandemic and the need to wear masks every time we step out of our houses, it’s evident that there will be some changes made to our beauty routine. Only changes! Nothing’s going to stop us from experimenting with our makeup, right? Since we’re only covering half of our faces, we still have our most expressive body part out there, to rock a dramatic eye shadow or colored eyeliner. 

But… taking that makeup off is a whole other story. The skin around the eye ends up feeling rough and itchy after constantly rubbing, pressing and dragging the eye area with our makeup remover. So, here we are, in an attempt to press the delete button to your problems and instead, introduce you to some effective makeup removers that are gentle on your skin. 

1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:

This oil-free eye makeup activates when shaken to gently remove eye makeup – even waterproof mascara – without any greasy residue.

It contains Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts and has a very low quantity of alcohol and surfactants, which avoids causing roughness around the eye. Also, for people with oily skin, here’s a bonus for you – since it’s an oil-free formula, it removes excess oil from your face without adding any back in. Isn’t that what we’ve always been looking for? 

2. L’Oreal Paris Gentle Make-up Remover for Eyes and Lips:

It is strong enough to remove heavy and smudge-proof makeup (eyeliners or long-lasting lipsticks) but at the same time, it’s gentle enough to not cause any redness or irritation. It contains oils to dissolve make-up and a lotion to remove traces of make-up and refresh the skin.It contains a fragrance-free formula and is ophthalmologically tested, which makes it safe for all skin/eye types, including sensitive and contact lens wearers. 

3. Balms Away Eye Makeup Break-Up:

Till date, we’ve mostly used and heard of liquid make-up removers, but the best part about using Balms Away is that it’s travel friendly and spill-proof. So, we’ve finally found a solution to our problem which dates back to ancient history (Just kidding! Or am I?).

Fortified with Vitamins A, C, E, and a blend of plant-based sterols and lipids, this makeup remover restores the elasticity around delicate eye area and keeps it smooth even after taking off any residue. 

4. Lakmé Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover:

If you can’t stand the slick that some oil-based makeup removers leave behind, this bi-phasic makeup remover is a solid alternative. This makeup remover removes all traces of makeup effortlessly from your face and leaves you with a fresh and hydrated face. 

The remover combines the cleansing properties of oil with the refreshing properties of water to give you a wholesome purifying experience. Oil removes while water cleanses, match made in heaven. 

5. Colorbar My Go-To Partner:

You just need to smear the whipped balm all over and then wipe it away with a damp cloth. All the traces of your makeup – including crusty mascara – will be wiped off as if you never applied them. Also, for people with dry skin, here’s a bonus for you – this balm leaves a moisturizing layer of it all over the area.

So that gives a visible and immediate soft appeal. No partner is perfect, but your ‘Go-To Partner’ is. It cleanses dirt and grime, detoxifies your skin from all traces of makeup, and floods it with moisture. 

I hope you found the perfect partner for your skin type. And remember, nothing can stop us from applying make-up and feeling flawless.

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