Bring Your Custom Lip Shade to Life with Emcee Beauty

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Which is the first makeup product that comes to your mind when I say a perfect pout?
Soft and smooth lipsticks, right?
We’ve got you covered. With Emcee Beauty, you can experience the art of creating your own lip shades like never before. You get to flaunt your creativity and individuality by exploring customized shades of lipsticks with different textures that are affordable, effortless, and passionate.
Emcee Beauty exists to celebrate and liberate the diversity of your beauty by offering a range of lipsticks and organic lip balms saturated with a surge of long-lasting hydration. 
Being a professional makeup artist, Maanavi (Founder) knew the struggle to find that perfect lip shade that complements the skin colour. Every skin tone demands a different shade that glides on smoothly to give a rich colour. To effectively serve this purpose, she decided to create the ideal shade for every skin tone which took the shape of Emcee Beauty. 
The philosophy of Emcee Beauty is to offer the right shade, the right experience, and the right product to the consumers.


– Specially custom formulated lipstick bases, handmade in India.

– Carefully selected natural oils like Shea Butter and Castor Oil to condition and hydrate your lips.

– All-natural waxes like Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, and Carnauba Wax.

– Enriched with Vitamin E Oil as a natural preservative.

They have 3 base options – Matte, Creamy, and Normal.
Their lipsticks are natural and vegan.
Offering a selection of 14 pigments from matte to opalescent or sparkling, Emcee Beauty effectively combines these pigments with your choice of colour.
The palette includes 3 different tones of every colour like Pink, Red, Brown, Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Maroon, and many more. 

Using one such luscious customized lipstick, I tried to create a soft festive look which is perfect for Navratri. The lipstick is long-lasting (which is the need of the hour) and is as smooth as butter. You achieve the high-impact colour in one stroke.
Their marble packaging looks luxurious in itself.
Lip shade used: Red Rose M

Go redefine your beauty and achieve your pout perfection with your dream lip shade using your lips as a canvas to express yourself!

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